Caviar Collection THCA Diamond Jars



For the cannabis connoisseur seeking purity and potency above all else, your quest is over. The Caviar Collection THCA Diamond Jars are the treasures you seek. Every jar of purified THCA diamonds contains beautiful, crystalline THCA, ready to dab, smoke, or vape.

For those unfamiliar with THCA diamonds, they are one of the cleanest and purest cannabis concentrates available. Extracted within a laboratory setting, THCA Diamonds have had all original plant material removed, save for a single cannabinoid molecule. THCA is the molecular precursor of THC. Once you expose these sparkling diamonds to heat, they transform into the cannabinoid you know and love.

The Caviar Collections THCA Diamond Jars deliver these gems in the container they deserve. Every step of the THCA extraction process requires a cannabis sommelier’s mindset and the skills of a highly trained technician. We take pride in the quality of the extraction, and it shows inside the packaging and out.



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